Operator vs Flyer in Europe

Does anybody know - and I’m talking specifically about Europe - if a friend has an Operator (and Flyer) ID can they also add me, a non resident, as a flyer?

Is it as simple as that or am I missing the point (I usually do)?


The Operator of an unmanned aircraft has two responsibilities:

  1. To ensure that the aircraft in properly maintained.
  2. To ensure that everyone who flies it is competent. I.e. has a valid Flyer ID.

You just need to get yourself a Flyer ID from an EU country, and you can happily fly their drone.


Also, FPV UK membership includes public liability insurance which covers all EU countries (plus Norway and Switzerland).

So you’re covered in that respect too.


That’s the bit I’m struggling with as the Malta portal seems to be particularly $%^& bad.

Thus my query that if one of my family/friends out there has an Op ID already, could they just add me as a Flyer? And then I print out and stick on the ID’s as per normal.

Thus my query that if one of my family/friends out there has an Op ID already, could they just add me as a Flyer?

I’m not sure what you mean when you say "could they just add me as a flyer’.

You need to have an EU Flyer ID to demonstrate that you have done the EU drone competency test. Someone else can’t do that for you. You have to do the test and get the Flyer ID.

It’s free, it lasts 5 years, and you can do it in any EU country. It doesn’t have to be Malta.

As above, the operator of the drone has two responsibilities. 1) To ensure the drone is properly maintained. 2) To ensure anyone who flies it is competent (I.e. has a valid Flyer ID). So your friend/family member is obligated to ensure that you have a valid EU Flyer ID in order to fly their drone.

And then I print out and stick on the ID’s as per normal.

There is no requirement to print out and stick on a Flyer ID. The aircraft should remain marked with the current Operator ID (belonging to your friend/family member).

You just have to show them that you have a valid Flyer ID, and therefore you are competent to fly their drone.

Then they have met what is required of them. And, in the event you were asked to produce your documents - your friend/family would show that he/she is the operator of the drone (with their Operator ID), and would be able to demonstrate that they have met their obligations (to ensure all flyers are competent) when you produce your EU Flyer ID.

Not that I can find. All advice for Malta points to https://tmcad.idronect.com/ and as soon as you create a login they are asking for money but no explanation as to why.

I’ve also looked at other countries and unless I’m being specifically unlucky haven’t found a single one that does a Flyer ID for free after a test.

The UK system is a bit like this. It defaults to charging people for registration (getting an Operator ID) as well. You really have to stick to your guns to find the Flyer ID test, without also registering for an Operator ID.

I was going to put a shout out for people on this forum who have registered for a Flyer ID in an EU country, but unfortunately I suspect all of our members have taken their drones with them, and therefore did require both an Operator ID and a Flyer ID.

All I can say is, it is definitely possible. Please persevere!

Try this: Online training to remotely pilot a drone in subcategory A1/A3 (Form) | Service-public.fr

I’m halfway through the Flyer ID test on Alpha Tango.

You click that link above, click the ’ Go to the online administrative form’, create an account (you have to put in your name and address), it sends you a confirmation email, you then set a password.

Then you login to Alpha Tango and there is a button to take the ‘Open Category A1/A3 training’. Press that. I just skipped past all the training by pressing next. At the end it says something like ‘Next module: take my test’. Press that. Then you’re into the 40 question test.

I haven’t completed it yet, but once I do I presume the Certificates tab on the left will show my new Flyer ID.

I completed the test, and I now have a French Flyer ID. Free of charge. It was all fairly straightforward.

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You’ll get an email like this.

Thanks Simon - appreciate your efforts here.

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And just to finish this - I too now have a French Flyer ID.


Again, thanks (diolch).


All sorted then!

Indeed - even registered as an Operator just to be on the safe side.

Got them both operator ID and flyer ID in June before my trip to France, and what is useful is that I can fly now anywhere in the EU. Cool.

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Yes - that’s great. The world (well EU) is your Oyster!

On the French link what did you do for Nationality and Native Country, as the UK is not listed?

I can’t remember it being an issue. There must be Great Britain or United Kingdom or Britain or England or something like that in the list?

Can’t find it at all? Me and the missus looking up and down the list. And you can’t by pass those two options.