New Bembridge Coast Video

Hi all,

This has been along time in the making due to the weather and health but I have final released my latest video on Youtube.

Filmed using a DJI Mini 2, creating many hours of footage.

Please view and comment as desired



Very cool! Great edit. You must be very pleased with it.

It looks like a very attractive place for a little holiday.

Do you live locally?

I was at the Propeller Inn at Bembridge on Wednesday evening (the longest day). I did plan to go again this evening, but it’s a tad too windy I think.

I live in St Helens, I am very pleased with how the video cut, although it has taken most of the weekend to edit, I big improvement on my previous work but could still be better.

Thanks for your support.

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Nice bit of footage there, great to watch.

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The system said this:

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