Graphics / image editor

An Adobe subscription is expensive, especially for non-professionals like me. (I only use it a few times a year.) is an excellent Photoshop alternative. All of the menus and functions are the same as Photoshop, remarkably. And it’s totally free.

I’ve also heard pixlr is good.

What about for vector graphics though? Is there an Adobe Illustrator alternative?

Someone suggested Affinity / Serif to me. Apparently you can get it for £100 when they do a deal. And that’s a one-off fee. You can use it forever. Not a monthly subscription. Affinity – Professional Creative Software

I wonder if it can open and save Adobe Illustrator files though. Has anyone used it?

Can anyone recommend any other alternatives?

I’ve tried it but struggled. As a photographer I just jpeg fine, no flash, no photoshop, no lightroom. I’m old school, and just use a touch of the free one Picassa to fine tune what I do post edit…never use raw files either. The ones above you mention I never heard of, but anything free is worth a look. When I cover football and live gigs they want the work within three days for the client, teams, newspaper etc…so not really much time to sit and edit.