Getting legal in the EU

Trying to get myself legal in Europe to take the drone on holidays. Is this the right direction so far? Simon Dale.
I did apply for Greece but they said they were busy with issues at the moment and only dealing with Greek issues? I did answer all relevant questions off this email. Should I be ok with operator ID/flyer ID/PLi. Waiting on their reply…

RE: EU drone flights.

Good afternoon,

In accordance with Commission Regulation EU 2019/947 which is in effect since 1-1-2021, you have to obtain an Operator Registration Number, and then consult with Drone Aware GR for any restrictions in relation to the airspace (yellow zones) which require flight authorization. Furthermore, and if your drone weighs more than 250 grams, you must obtain a Certificate of Remote Pilot Competency A1/3 and A2.

Unfortunately, due to reconstruction of the webpage of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, currently, access to the registration platform is limited to citizens of Greece (Tax number is required)

For your information, registration is available in all European Member States, ( and accepted throughout the European Union

To get authorized for drone flight activity, please include the following in an email which you will forward only to and only If those areas are restricted by DAGR, (yellow areas),

  1. Short description of the flight activity.
  2. UAS operator Registration No. (attach proof as per EASA EU 2019/947)
  3. Remote Pilot Certificate A1/A3 and A2 (attach proof, not necessary if operating a drone that weighs less than 250 grams.)
  4. Complete and attach the Table attached in Word format.
  5. Your declaration that “all flight activities will take place under the Open Category as prescribed in Article 4 of EU 2019/947”.
  6. Written consent of the owner or manager of “sensitive structures” (e.g., overflight of monuments, archaeological sites, or state structures) if applicable.

Use Drone Aware GR for plotting the selected areas. Your request will then be forwarded to HASP, and you will get an approval for flight. Keep in mind that Article 22 of the EU 2019/947 for drone categories and restrictions relative to weight.

Your request should be filed at least three (3) working days in advance and if a military installation is involved, five (5) working days.



General Aviation & Drones Section


Athens International Airport Building 46

Tel: +30 210 354 1358

Just to be clear (and for anyone reading this in future), that email is asking for your EU Operator ID and EU Flyer ID. A UK Operator ID and Flyer ID are no good.

I recently registered in France on their Alpha Tango system to get a Flyer ID. It was a doddle and my ID is valid in all EU countries.

Here’s the thread where I did it step by step: Operator vs Flyer in Europe - #17 by SimonDale

It is also easy to get an EU Operator ID on the same system.

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Hi, Simon, l have recently insured with Howden Insurance brokers and it says I am covered for all EU countries for drone flying as I am a permanent resident of the Uk.

@Tony Massarelli.

Hi Tony

How do you mean? You went directly to Howdens and bought a drone policy? I wasn’t aware they did that - I think they only insure National Governing Bodies, etc.

Do you realise that your FPV UK membership includes £5m public and products insurance which covers permanent UK residents in the UK, Channels Islands, Isle of Man, EU + Norway and Switzerland? (And non-permanent UK residents in the UK, Channels Islands and Isle of Man).

Hi, Simon, No I didn’t go directly to howdens I just mentioned them as the insurance company, It was FPV when I joined, sorry for the confusion.