Flying In Europe


Does Article 16 Operational Authorisation and FPV insurance cover me for flying in Europe?

Or do I need EU Drone License & A1-A3 Certificate



Hi @MikeRaven

You can read our Article 16 Operational Authorisation here:

Section 3.7 of the Article 16 Operational Authorisation is entitled β€˜Location(s) of Operation’ and starts β€˜This authorisation may be used throughout the United Kingdom’.

It is not valid outside of the UK.

There isn’t an β€˜EU drone licence’. You just need to register and get an Operator ID (which is free), and do multiple-choice quiz and get a Flyer ID (which is also free). Then you must display the Operator ID on your aircraft.

You can do that in any EU country but I would recommend Alpha Tango - the French system.

This thread walks you through the process: Operator vs Flyer in Europe

I hope that helps. Any further questions please let me know.

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Great thanks Simon