Fireproof battery bags

Has anyone tried fire retardant bags for drone travel? Do they all do the same job regardless of price? And will security let in one bag/battery each, or can you take 6x batterys, two bags that can carry 3x each bag? Are their brand recommendations?

I’d be highly sceptical of them actually working. They never used to unless something has changed.

Airlines may let me through easier with one over not having one? Remember the bags of the old RC cars and stuff? Same material I bet. Bag used to shrivel up also on a burn.

Probably worth ringing the airline, they’ll likely have a battery policy

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I travelled to both Iceland and Greece and used Li-Po bags from a RC shop, cost me £10 each and personally felt much safer and better with them contained in there than without.

I have a Phantom 4 so the batteries are the large 5850Mah batteries and as Li-Po are liable to catch fire/explode. I work in H & S so for me this was the best idea to carry them hand luggage (with my drone). The airlines werent bothered at all and had rules on their website, the batteries came well under the limit for taking on holiday/trip etc and no problems there.

I discharged the batteries to the ‘transport voltage’ as stated in the manufacturers handbook so they were not volatile and had two each in each large li-po bag. Your question about how many to carry is another personal choice… I chose to carry 2 together than all 4 (imagine 4 going up than 2, £80-90 each its a real cost!), for me 2 and 2 was a better option.

I have had a RC lipo battery go up in the garden (as it was placed there are it was starting to balloon when checked) and that day i literally had a 7 foot firework as the chemical, fluid, gas and fire escaped.

For me, having them somewhat discharged (30% odd), carried out of and easily accessible to the entry zip to the holdall if anything happened is the very best option.

These rarely do go wrong but when they do and it starts to fizz or explode are you happy to reach into the bag to get the battery/batteries out than have a bag (with a really strong velcro seal) where you can have easy access, locate it and throw it to an open area to deal with it, away from your drone and £££ equipment.

Each to their own but for me the £10 is a good price for the assurance they give…

Cheers, Chris

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