'Drone use abroad'

Hi all.
Welsh weather ain’t been the best since October last year, and throughout the country. Feeling a bit disheartened at the moment. Me and my partner cancelled a holiday to Turkey this week a she been ill, now set to venture into Tunisia in May instead. Even though I’m licenced in UK and Europe, for the Mini 3 Pro, and see many drone vids of Turkey and Tunisia on YouTube, I been well advised to not take any drones to those two locations, off the forums, people who live there, and drone flyers who been to these locations, who are UK based.
Luckily enough I’ll be taking 2x cameras, 3x lenses, but heard you will be detained, questioned, and may have to leave your drone in lockers until you return.
I hear the same also for use of drones on cruises also. So what is the point of having an EU licence anyway? I wouldn’t want my equipment man handled and stored away whilst trying to get footage to help promote these country’s back home. Also looking at the Greek CAA maps for drone use over there lol, there is hardly any locations to fly within their safety zones on the smaller Greek islands. This hobby and interest is pretty down hearting at the moment, thinking of just staying with photography and Go Pro use.
Anyone else feeling the same?

Sorry your down on uav flight abroad, i take my c0 and c2 dji drones regular to Greek Islands and Spain, never ever had any issues, just carry your batteries in your hand luggage and make them visible through security, when arrived at destination i check on drone assist for red zones, spain can be tricky but you can get permits sorted out relatively quick.
I have easa a2 certificate


I have EASA certification and operator ID and I’m off to Northern Spain next week, but looking at the Enaire map, there is almost nowhere to fly without going through the rigmarole of gaining various permissions. More or less everywhere seems to be under a blanket of red space, especially the coast. Where abouts do you fly in Spain?

Hi photopod
Spain can be tricky in alot of places but there are still many locations you can fly without restrictions but if you realy need to fly in a rtz you can use a company called Eu drone port, they are specialists in drone training and getting the required permissions to fly, if you give them all the details of where and when you want to fly they will get all the required permissions and permits, even notify the police and authorities about your inted flight for a fee, i think is €90 at the moment

What about camera gear also? I usually take 2x camera body’s, 4x lenses max. Looks a pretty big setup but can do it in a general shoulder/backpack. My missus moans anyway with me loving photo shoots off the beaten track so to speak, so worried carrying a mini 3 also, will cause suspicion. It’s all the bloody faffing with contacting CAA and form filling. It’s the country’s like Turkey, and my next trip Tunisia I’d like to fly, but not even chancing it.

More money again though…drone flying is going up in price with more restrictions popping up.

Have just returned from a trip in California, no issues at all. Airport security either side of the Atlantic showed no interest in drone, or number of batteries being carried. I did tape the terminals and Lipo bag them just in case. Carried everything onboard.

Flying out there was straightforward with the Mini 4. If you fly in the day only with the Mini series, you just need to do the TRUST test.

FAA UAS Safety Test (TRUST)

Night flying does require a strobe. As this pushes over the 250gm the drone needs to be registered with the FAA and have remote ID. Apparently the Mini 4 does have remote ID, but is only activated with a heavier battery so I took a Mini 3 battery for the night flight. No idea if I was sending my ID or not!

FAA Drone Registration

The US drone apps are excellent - way better than Altitude Angel in the UK. Drills right down to show the max height at your location if below 400 ft. Register your details etc and it’s easy to request authorisation - which I had to do at Santa Monica Pier, being a short hop from a Santa Monica Airport. I used a combination of the Air Control app and www.uasidekick.app

Flying in central Vegas was out but flying in San Francisco was a breeze. Flew from Pier 14 and at the famous bendy Lombard Street without issue. The FAA way is much easier than the CAA way of doing things.

Flying is out in national parks, and some localised places. I just looked for the signs if there was nothing in the apps.That said, in a park, local or national, it is worth speaking to a ranger or supervisor as sometimes they will allow a flight, but may restrict to an area of the park.


I’m in the wrong country then lol. USA sounds a blast, more faffing and safety test/registration though. I’d be looking for Great White sharks over Santa Monica area. Could you fly over Hollywood sign, Beverley Hills and Sunset Strip, or restricted ?