Drone /live festivals

Need advice on this please, to Simon and the members. As a photographer, I cover artists, gigs, festivals, and anything of interest, as a hobby.
I been asked to cover a two day reggae event in Wales, unpaid with talent and international established artists for an open, outdoor event.
It will be the first time working with this festival, so out to impress. I have seen other drone use in festivals, but set right back over a the mixing area, not directly over the crowd.
They organisers emailed me asking if the event could be droned also.
Is it a definite no, with a Mavic Mini 3 Pro 249g, or…after assessing the location, could I be set as the back of the venue, behind the event, 150ft up, with a zoom, no flying, but static footage away from the crowds.
Legally I feel it’s a NO. But have this topic been raised with yourselves on this page at any time?
I don’t want to fly illegally, but don’t want to let them down also. Thoughts please?

Hi Simon

There is not much point getting people’s opinions. Just read the rules. They’re what the judge will be referring to if it comes to it!

Have a look at fpv.uk/openinfog

Specifically the 2nd bullet point down, in the bottom part. In the right hand column.

If you can keep more than 30m horizontally from assemblies of people, then I would say you’re good to go on that front. (You’ll have to comply with everything else of course).

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According to this post, you can apply for CAA authorization for music festivals.

However, I don’t think that’s the main issue. Have you asked the organizer what kind of drone shots they are looking for? The ones I’ve seen at concerts are FPV type shots

I also would not use any drone that has exposed propellers like the mini. Stick to micro cinewhoops for safety.


Cheers for that, nice one. I had a gut feeling to play safe, not a mini 3 pro, just use cameras and lenses, which was the right choice. The event was a full on party vibe, alcohol, children, pets, ganga etc…any drone coming down, no one would have noticed until they got hit. Was a full on event, over 12 artists, 9hrs flat, and added about 1hr vid footage also. Now 5.40am Bank Holiday Monday editing pics, with my head still in the clouds with the waft of Jamaica’s finest lol. Will need a siesta later.

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