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hi fellow flyers just joined today ,have been flying drones for about 6 years now started with basic ones with a go pro type camera without a gimbal and have progressed up to my latest Mini 3 pro the fourth DJI drone i have owned i am also on the grey arrows drone club site and on the DJI Mavic Air and Mini drones site thanks for having me

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Hi all, a mad Welshman is in town lol. Here for fun, and your expertise when I’m stuck.
Love a bit of mountain biking (cycling) and a home mechanic/fettler/fussy tweaker. Been riding bikes all my life (55) but lost my mojo when losing some family members, so picking up the pieces so to speak… I can play drums/percussion also, well travelled, and run a local FB community page when co vid hit in 2019, and now grown with over 1300 members so far.
For the past 10yrs been doing a bit of amateur photography, and only taken it more serious the past few years. I love gigs, and attend many… photography, I cover everything, but my main enjoyment is with bands/artists/ live gigs and festivals. I been fortunate to work with some international artists as well as the UK.
For a giggle, I do a bit of TV extra work also, and have a look at Jeremy Clarksons Diddly Squat farm, series 2 episode 8 and David Beckham appears lol, well, it could be me? And the latest Tom Hardy film coming up called ‘Havoc’. You may spot me kicking off in a Detroit police station, and all for a bit of fun.
Drone wise, I’ve owned a Mavic 1, went on to owing a Mavic 2, and now just gone up to a Mavic 3 Pro. Suits my needs as a photographer, with overhead pics in mode C is all need. Just sussing out the filter lenses and seeing what works for me. Nice to meet you all, have a great weekend from sunny Wales.

Hello guys! Happy to join this group, I am an amateur photographer for a long time (since 35mm) and some drone videos captured my attention and i told myself, i want to do this, so I bought a drone and here I am! I already tried the drone in France during my camping holiday and I am impressed. New camping trip in Wales in two weeks and I look forward to fly my drone. Thank you.

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New member with my first drone, can’t wait to get over my nerves abs get flying