A cold day over the village


So sad we can not go above fog anymore. Yes I’ve been flying that long.:+1:

How do you mean?

You can fly over fog, so long as you have direct unaided visual contact with the aircraft, sufficient to monitor its flightpath for the purposes of collision avoidance.

This has been the rule since at least 2009. It hasn’t changed as far as I’m aware?

Here is a photo above fog that I took in York.

No I’m on about before 2016 when they capped the height to 400ft. Before then I use to go above the fog all the time with a gopro camera. I had to wait for the drone to land and then I can take the memory card out of the drone and put it into a computer so that I can then view the video to see if I popped out over the clouds and I’ve no idea how high I went because it did not have a altitude readout. Boy that was fun and it was newish tech at the time.
I’m am also high restricted by DJI to 60m because I live near Bournemouth’s main way in to the airport so do not get the opportunity to go high unless I travel a bit so that is why I was saying sadly going up over fog where I am it’s almost impossible. Which is where I did the flights outside the frz.:+1:

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Sorry as usual I was being too vague and not explaining enough so other can understand it’s a bad happit of mine.:+1:

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Ah yes, the pre-400ft-limit days.

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