Whats the best drone camera for video and photos - above 500g that is current and available 2nd hand..?

I currently have a mini 2 and intend to undertake the A2 C of C soon and interested in a drone above 500g (under 2kg). The mini 2 is great but I’d really like to get a much better camera as the quality sometimes struggles. I am comfortable with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop so thats okay for sharpening and colour correction and use Adobe Premier Pro for videos.

Is there any reasonable choice 2nd hand that you might suggest that if not too expensive? (thinking £400 odd for drone only 2nd hand, with a few batteries - have the Mini 2 controller that i’d be happy to use for the moment.)

Appreciate any suggestions…


firstly welcome to the forum
as you have the RC for the mini 2 already ,in order to use that you would need a drone that uses the fly App ,so you would be looking at a air 2 or air 2s second hand
if you went for an older Mavic 2 you would have to use the Go 4 app and the RC that came with that drone

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Cheers, what’s the one with the best camera quality do you think? I fancy a mini 3 as 48mp camera, guess the others are around that… under 250g is the ideal but depends if bigger older drones have better cameras?

Just researching before I step up in the right direction??


well if you have the funds for a Mini 3 pro then right now in the UK that’s the one to go for, simply because of its weight rating ,be aware that it is not a true 48mp camera ,but uses a quad Bayer system to achieve this
unless you are producing commercial quality pics any Mavic or Air variant of drone are going to do pretty much the same job
one other thing you could do is wait for the new Air3 to be released and see if it is indeed under the 500g threshold, so it can be flown in the A1 open category if you have the A2 C of C ,the only difference between it and the Mini 3 pro ,is no intentional over flight of uninvolved people ,which of course you can’t guarantee if someone just happens to walk under your drone as you fly around