What's everyone flying these days?

I currently fly a DJI FPV drone (fantastic image quality!) and I still have my Z84 setup for wing flying, that’s still on eachine analogue VTXs with original Dominator goggles (with eye cups!).

I have my Mini Talon and Skywalker too which have Cyclops Tornado OSDs in them and they work fine but they’re suffering from hangar rash and I’m tempted to start again with direct replacement airframes that I still have in boxes… but I’ll be honest, I think if I do that I’d be tempted to go digital for video and iNav for the flight controller.

One problem there is it almost feels like starting again - there’s so much to learn I never seem to have the time, especially since I’ll almost certainly switch to iNav and there seems to be quite a learning curve.

The other problem is choosing the video system … I’m very tempted by Walksnail, but as above I already have DJI goggles v2 so it would make sense to stick with Caddex/DJI gear … but I’m concerned about the expense over the next couple of years given DJIs track record of abandoning old tech. Should I invest in DJI only to wish I’d gone down the Walksnail route when all of my gear gets obsoleted?

It’s a bit different to the old Boscam/Immersion wars because the investment in gear costs so much more.

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I mostly fly my DJI Mini. It’s Japanese spec, because I bought it in Japan. So it’s 199g - and it says so on the side.

DJI/Caddx are producing amazing stuff for FPV lately (we couldn’t have dreamt of the picture quality, robustness of the signal, range, etc even a few years ago).

I suppose it’s true of most technologies, but yes. It does seem like if you spend a load of money on DJI FPV gear it will most likely be superseded/obsoleted a year or so later. I guess you’ve just got to get into the mindset that it does what you want now, and it will continue to do that. Even when newer, better (and most likely incompatible), stuff comes along…

I still have all of my fixed wing FPV models - I’m hoping I’ll get chance to fly some of them this summer.

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The DJI FPV is amazing by the way!

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone did a talk (live YouTube broadcast or similar) for our members on the topic of digital FPV systems and radio control?

I reckon a lot of our members who fly off the shelf drones would be interested to see what is available and the pros and cons, etc. Perhaps they have an interest in building their own drones/aircraft but don’t know where to start?

Maybe I should ask Ian (MadsTech) if he’d be willing?


I think it would be useful.

That was the problem with FPVHub … most of the information, while useful, is out of date. The landscape has changed massively over the last couple of years.

I use the Foxeer reaper ESC, Foxeer f722V4 FC, with RCin Power Motors. i use these on my freestyle and racing quads - just works well. The 65A ESC takes so much stress its super reliable. The FC is great for digital as it come with built in BAC to stop voltage spiking damaging the units.

i wouldn’t worry about equipment becoming obsolete too much - that happens with any brand really over time. So i would say yeah to the DJI route (in my opinion only). The 03 system is pretty impressive from my testing. I do still have some vista units in use, and they are just as good with the V2 goggles to be fair, but i love the image stability and recording stabilization with the 03 unit saving me the weight of not requiring a GoPro to still be able to gain decent quality videos.

The investment isnt that much more than analogue really. Fatsharks HODs are still £350, but V2 DJI goggles are £400. £120 for a vista unit for HD system sounds pricey at first, but it isn’t too bad when you reap the benefits and enjoyment of the quality screen with no image break up and snow.

Finding a vista unit might get tricky soon since they are discontinued due to the release of 03 system. But then again this isn’t too over priced at £209 if you think in terms of not needing a gopro and saving a cost of the gopro.

All subjectable to ones needs and requirements are though :).


I have helicopters and drones but I need batteries for the helicopters so they are out of action at the moment so my current flyers are DJI air 2 and mini 2 both fly more kits and I have the Emax tinyhawk 2 freestyle all in one kit. Favourite flyer is the tinyhawk you can’t beat fpv. My best camera drone is the air 2 which got some stick at the time for the 48 megapixel camera that is it the mini 3 so I do find it funny that’s none is talking about the quad bayer sensor. I keep looking at the fpv or the avatar but I must get a studio computer first because do editing on a 2012 laptop is hard work… lol it can do 8k believe it or not. Yes but I lose the computer for a few days. I definitely need an upgrade. It’s an upgraded alienware 14 r2 if people wanted to know. Good old beast of a laptop at the time. I have been learning davinci resolve and have come from filmora. Filmora is good but does not have the advanced features that davinci has. It’s tracking and colour features are amazing. Anyway that’s enough about me. I don’t suppose someone has a good pc for sell. I will have money in 2 mouths to buy one hopefully. :+1: