What version of the TX16S would you get?

I am going to get a Radiomaster TX16S MK II Max, but I am not sure if I should get the 4 in 1 or ELRS internal module versions.

The reason is, I want to fly micro-quads or tiny whoops, and most of those will be probably coming with Frsky rx modules, so 4 in 1 would work for them. I also want to be able to fly ELRS (future proof and will come in other RTF quads)

I know the general consensus is to get the ELRS version now, but here is the caveat:
The external ELRS modules from Radiomaster can do 1W, while the internal module in the TX16S is only 250mW.

So, would you get the 4 in 1 version and the external ELRS module, or the ELRS version and get a 4 in 1 module to plug at the back of the radio?

1W is a lot of power for a transmitter and with that comes a lot of battery usage.

For reference, the old FrSky stuff only transmitted at 100mw and was capable of multiple kilometres of range, with telemetry coming back.

I’m not sure 1W is needed personally unless you plan on flying very low very far out in which case… what video setup are you planning on?

I’d probably go for the 250mw internal module and plugin in the more power hungry ELRS system if/when I was using it.


I have a radiomaster with a inbuilt 4n1 and use a external happymodel elrs module.
By using the elrs script in the TX16 you can quickly change the output power and most people wouldnt use more than 250ma to 500ma. And still keep VLOS
But having the 4n1 i can still use my TX16 to fly my whoops and covers some of my older rigs using sbus. And means if something changes in elrs and they need to change hardware for the latest options, not that i can think of anything elrs is missing as a control link, but you never know. But that was my thought process if it helps?


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