Unlocking licence

Please help… I have a mini 4 pro…
I live near an old airfield… Managed to over ride the geo zone with a licence but now it is saying that licence is not within valid period… what do I do?

Hi @benpike

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a drone licence.

What kind of licence are you referring to? Is this a DJI thing? Or a CAA thing?

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Thanks for reply simon.
When i set the drone up i did all relevent regustrstions with cva and i was able to over ride the geozone aroundcthe redundant airfield near where i live, now i cannot… i says licence out of date…

Is it referring to your CAA Operator ID / registration?

Is that now expired? They last 12 months.

No. I’ve just checked and your Operator ID is valid.

Perhaps the licence term is a DJI thing. Perhaps when you applied for the approval to fly in your location DJI issued you with a ‘licence’ to fly there. Which has now expired and you need to apply for again?

You may need to speak to DJI / your DJI retailer for technical support on their product.