The Mini 2 Charger problem solved?

Hi all, I came across several YouTube posts (dating back a while) about the Mini 2 batteries not discharging whilst put away in the drone, or in the charging hub. Apparently with this type of battery, they must discharge a small amount each day, so as to prolong the life of the battery.
I did read that this issue was fixed, with an update, but as I have just bought one, I thought I would just charge up the night before just to be on the safe side!
I wish those hubs would charge them all together though…
Any thoughts on this? Was it definitely fixed?
Cheers all!

Hi John,

This was definitely fixed: I have a couple of charging hubs and they don’t fail to discharge the batteries with preset timings to prevent damage. Make sure you rotate your batteries through the drone to ensure timely firmware updates.

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