Stanmer Park In Brighton

Stanmer Park in Brighton is my go to spot.

If I think back, over the years, I’ve done new drone demo days (back when the Inspire 1 was new), a drone demonstration to a Police force, several TV interviews (ITV Meridian News, IBTimes TV, and a German TV channel).

I’ve done drone training sessions, spent a happy day doing drone freestyle flying, seen a demo of a new drone from visitors from China, filmed several promotional/demonstration videos.

And I remember testing the waypoints feature on a Phantom 3 before going to Birmingham to demonstrate it for the Gadget Show.

The park is big enough that you can always find a spot away from anyone else.

There’s plenty of parking and a café too. And the views over the South Downs and the Amex Stadium are pretty special as well.

Highly recommended.

Great recommendation Simon, went today and it was brill to have so much open space to practice and really get to grips with various features and functions.

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Brilliant! That’s great to hear.