Small Private Airfield - No FRZ

Hello, I always use drone assist before flying but recently I came across a small private airfield which does not have any flight restrictions associated with it. I know flying near to the airfield is prohibited for safety but as there is no FRZ just where is the line drawn. The airfield has infrequent use mostly at weekends and only seems to be for 1 light aircraft. Drone assist offeres the following when the airfield is selected;

“Flying in this area is likely to be prohibited. There is an extreme risk of interference with manned aviation. In most territories worldwide, you can only operate within the boundary of an aerodrome (or it’s Control Area) with permission. Refrain from flying in the vicinity of the surrounding area and exercise elevated caution.”

This isn’t very useful as its does not specifically say where flights can be done, just says boundary and vicinity. The airfield has no control tower, its just a field which a farmer uses to fly from.

Anyone else come across this? Thanks

Hi Richard

Having a chat with the owner would be the best course of action.

I fly full size aircraft from airfields like this, and occasionally drones too.

Whereabouts is the airfield? I can have a look on SkyDemon and (if it is shown) give you the owner’s contact details.

Nb. Article 241 of the ANO always applies. ‘A person must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an unmanned aircraft to endanger any person or property’.

Thanks @SimonDale here is the airfield location. Drone Safety Map | Altitude Angel

It would be good to know what distance from this airfield would considered safe to fly

Watnall Microlight Site is listed. Telephone number: 07970 012060

You both have equal rights to use the airspace (below 400ft).

That airfield is unlicenced and doesn’t have an FRZ or ATZ or anything of that nature, so you’re not asking for permission. It would just be good to have a chat.

Perhaps he tells you that they only fly on weekends and they strictly avoid overflying the town (for noise abatement reasons) and therefore you’re never going to be in conflict if you fly over that side.

If there is actually only one aircraft based there you could take the registration and set an alert on or similar whenever that aircraft fires up. (Just a thought!)

Apparently the owner is called Brian and is ‘very friendly on the phone’. And the two chaps ‘on the ground’ are also very friendly.

They use the safetycom frequency (135.480 MHz) in case you have a scanner and wanted to listen.

They fly the circuit at either 500ft of 800ft apparently. (Weird they have two options!)

The above information is from visiting pilots, so they do definitely get some visitors. It’s not just one aircraft.

@SimonDale thats great information thanks. I just found Brian on Facebook after you shared his phone number. He has posted some amazing photos from his flights - one shows my house. I have seen the Microlights in the air but I never realised they took off from Watnall. I will message Brian and hopefully drop over for a chat. Really good to know they fly a 500ft and 800ft circuit. Thanks a lot, Richard.

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Obviously they will be below 500ft on the climb out and base leg and final approach.

At both ends of the runway basically. I.e. to the North North West and the South South East of the airfield.

Have fun! There’s a Google review that mentions an instructor on site…maybe you could have a ‘trial lesson’ (joy ride) sometime!

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