Remote ID for drones in the UK

The UK CAA has put out an RFI for Remote ID.

Drones in flight will emit Remote ID data (time stamp, ID, location etc). This data will be emitted for every second that required Open Category and all Specific Category drones are in operation, and will be picked up by the Remote ID Service Providers. The Remote ID Integration Provider will establish the coordination Layer between the Service Providers, and the Master Data Hub which will store all RID data in real time and create historical records.

The Remote ID Integration Provider would be expected to build, operate and maintain a service

Remote ID Service Provider(s):

Remote ID Service Providers enable the real-time identification and tracking of drones by ensuring that registered drones can be easily identified and that their operators are in compliance with the established regulations. The chosen decentralised architecture features multiple instances of network Remote ID service APIs, representing various network Remote ID service providers, which in turn bolsters scalability, reliability and service accessibility.

It seems like they are proposing a hybrid architecture that supports both broadcast remote ID, and network remote ID.

Thus would be very useful if my drone got lost - presumably the tracker would still work as long as there was battery power.