Remote ID - a legal requirement in the UK?

The EU requirement for Remote ID and a green flashing light were not in force at the time of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. So those rules were not copied across into UK law.

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See CAA's latest consultation

See CAA’s even more recent consultation:

As someone just passed the A2 and playing catchup, the remote id implementation has me seriously concerned.

The lack of encryption, use of bluetooth/wifi…

We’ve already seen the fiasco caused at Gatwick, imagine what’ll happen when someone with an arduino and gps can do. Spoofing remote id around airports will become games for bad actors or disgruntled neighbours, karens, bored kids, etc.

Then you think of companies who just happen to sell equipment to ‘protect’ from drones or climate protesters… :disappointed:

One of those things you hope to be proved wrong on!

What fiasco at Gatwick?

It’s hard to know ‘what’ happened but the amount of so called drone sightings that seem to end in no proof and turn out to be rubbish, other planes, etc and the Gatwick incident was a massive failure of coordination by the police.

I seem to remember the police mentioning that their own drones might’ve been getting reported since they were also using them and the ‘drone spotting’ equipment was said to spot all the police drones but never the ‘malicious’ drones!

So I don’t see it being long before people wanting to protest or shutdown airports start sticking fake remote id broadcasting devices at places and causing chaos given you build hundreds for very little. Hidden in trees, balloons… add in deep sleep and you have something broadcasting random coordinates every hour or so and could be very hard to find.

This article is good.


And this video:

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