Regional Meetup coordinators

We’re now looking for volunteers to organise meet ups in your area. These may be flying meets, or other events/talks, which your fellow members may enjoy.

We would love to see each meetup coordinator organise a few meetups throughout the year, guided by feedback from members in their area. And guided by successful events in other areas too. There’s a special area on the this forum reserved for discussing and advertising meetups, and upcoming events can also be listed on the FPV UK map.

Please let us know if you’d be willing, and your area. Private message is also fine.

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i would love to help in the East Midlands Area. Covering Nottingham/Birmingham/Leicester/Derby area. :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant. Thanks Shane!

You qualify for an FPV UK baseball cap (sent for your first meetup!), along with a load of stickers to give out.

Do you have a good location or two in mind? It would be worth us starting to plan something now, for when the weather improves (hopefully the weather improves soon!).

Then we can give people enough time to put it in their diaries.

So glad to have you involved Shane!

Summer is very much here. I would love to see some events / meets happening.

Is anyone up for organising a meet in their local area?

It needn’t be a big thing. A small handful of flyers getting together and having a fly / natter / coffee would be great. (And, in all seriousness, this is an important men’s mental health issue).

There are FPV UK baseball caps and stickers and ‘Meetup Coordinator’ badges on offer for event / meet organisers!

Please get involved!