Proud member of FPV UK stickers cut out and ready to go!

To our surprise, the first batch of ‘Proud member of FPV UK’ stickers arrived as A4 sheets with 4 stickers per page.

So today we spent a happy couple of hours, cutting them all out with scissors - ready to go in envelopes.

The second batch are definitely going to be ordered as die cut, individual stickers!


Love the new stickers, but did not realise I had OCD until I went to line them up on n the case. To you line up the edge or the middle, now that’s a question :smile:


Yes, I know what you mean!

Welcome to Drone Hub!

Got mine this morning with my op stickers! (Very quick delivery I must say!)
Going to put mine on my case! Cheers… :grin:

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Thanks John.

I’m pleased to say that we’re now onto the new batch of die cut stickers. I didn’t have to cut your’s out from a flat sheet of paper!

Thanks Simon, I wasn’t expecting a sticker! Nice bonus Cheers…

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I would love to see where you guys have stuck your stickers! Who has got a photo to share?

Hi How and where do I get these stickers from , cheers Len

Hi Len

They’re available from the FPV UK store. Which is in your FPV UK account, on the left hand side.

They’re sold in threes.

You also get one complementary sticker when we send your membership card to you too.

All the best


Just spent an hour clicking on everything that will work and cannot for the life of me find anything relating to a FPV shop. Can you place a link to shop on the Dronehub site, it might be an age thing , cheers Len

Hi Len

You spent an hour?! Woah! That’s impressive - I only posted my message above 31 minutes before you posted yours! :slight_smile:

It is very very simple.

Log in to your FPV UK account. I.e. go to and press login. Then put in your email and password.

You will then see a link on the left hand menu entitled ‘Store’. Press that.

That is it.

I can provide a link, but it is a secure area, so you’ll need to log in. It is FPV UK Membership Centre

To answer my own question. Here are some photos with FPV UK stickers!

Has anyone else got photos of FPV UK stickers to share?