Newbie from the North

Thanks for having me, drone enthusiast for a few years.

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Hi @GrimtheViking and welcome!

How far North are we talking?

Hi Simon, Thanks for having me, Grimsby.

Ah yes.

I’m originally from a similar latitude. Beverley.

I think @FPVSteve isn’t a million miles away from you.

Yes not too far away,
Been reading your responses to the new regs proposals with interest.

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Yep, I’m near Crowle just West of Scunthorpe. Welcome!

Welcome, what do you fly?

Just down the road, on Cleethorpes beach at the moment out of the way taking some nice photos and enjoying the weather. Thanks for the welcome.

I fly the Mavic3 and Autel Evo2 Enterprise, the Evo mainly for the thermal for finding and capturing deer photo and footage near where I am, brilliant photo quality for my personal use. What do you fly.?