Newbie from South East London

Hi and good morning,

I have recently purchased a refurbished Mavic Air 2 and have completed a few trial flights to get used to how it all works, still a lot to learn. I have changed some settings to try and make flying a bit easier and I find the camera is really good, currently on holiday in my caravan and (with approval from the landowner) have taken a few photos of said caravan and quite happy with it. One thing I have been reading about and would like peoples opinion please is whether a landing mat is a good idea or to hand take off and land?

Yes, especially as it gets damp / wet in the colder months. Also allows you to takeoff and land on slightly longer grass without tangling it in the propellers.

Yes it is a good way to use a landing mat it keeps the dirt and grass away from your propellers. I myself use two landing mats for both of my Hubsan drones the x4pro and H501s. I see your south east London so I’m I, maybe we could meet up some time. I’m a D.S.R. registered Hobbyist Pilot and have been flying drones for about four years some of my videos are good and some not I keep hold of the best ones only, its a learning curve.

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