New to the forum, droning for a couple of years

Hi people. I’ve been flying for a couple of years, but new to the community here, although been FPVUK member for a year.
I am a hobby photographer that likes all sorts of cameras, so how could I resist one that flies. I have the DJI MA2 and use it for photography only really, and having a fun flyabout with whatever batt power is left after the ‘serious’ stuff is done.
I am located nicely in the borderlands of S.E. London and N.E. Kent so lots of scope for all sorts of places to go.
Anyway, that’s me. I’m not a big online type of guy, but I do dip in and out so I’m sure I’ll have some input and chats along the way.
If you do want to check my stuff out, I’m on IG as image.56 with a couple of sub accounts linked in the bio.

Hi StuG

Welcome to Dronehub!

Thanks for being a member.

Don’t forget to link your DroneHub account to your FPV UK account. (Just log in to FPV UK, press DroneHub on the left hand side, I already have a DroneHub account and then input your username StuG).

Then you’ll get an FPV UK member badge on here, and your aircraft will show (from My Hangar), your total flight hours (from My Log Book) and also your mentor/examiner status if you have them. (All of which can be toggled on and off in your FPV UK account).

All the best