New to flying (mostly) with an old drone

Hi there!

I got a Phantom 2 (yeah the one that needs a GoPro H3) years ago but for some reasons never used it too much and then the rules changed and I was afraid of using it again and getting into trouble.

That changed recently that I decided to look into it again and well, got an Operator ID, a Flyer ID and subscribed to FPVUK!

I removed the dust of my old Phantom2 (it all works and batteries seem to be fine surprisingly) and I am planning on getting a Mini 3 PRO. That is, if I can stop spending all my disposable income into RC cars and my Mountain bikes :sweat_smile:

I live in the Milton Keynes area and at this point I am still checking where I can go to fly. I think I’ve found a couple of places but I need to be 100% sure. I will need to regain confidence with the controller…

Welcome back :slight_smile:
Nothing wrong with an old DJI drone.

Isn’t it funny how we call them “old” when they were absolutely cutting edge only a few years ago? I still remember the first GoPro gimbals - they weighed more than the camera :laughing:

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The Zen Muse H3-3D gimbal? That brings back memories of running, back in the day.

Yeah, technology waits for nobody! I weighted the drone complete, with camera and battery. I think it was around 1.4Kg…

Exactly that one :smiley:
I’m glad I still have the GoPro H3.