New to Drones and hoping to expand my photo and video skills

Hi, I have had my DJI Mini 3 Pro for about a year now, but due to various circumstances have not had the opportunity to do much flying, but what I have done has been thoroughly enjoyable.
I have successfully completed the A2 C of C course, which although not strictly required for the drone I have, I felt I wanted to have some formal training in the operation and regulations for drones and I was very pleased that this course fitted the bill perfectly. I have spent 40 years in the aviation industry working for a well known British Aero Engine manufacturer and so I am no stranger to the regulatory and compliance aspects and to be honest quite enjoy the challenge of it all with the aim of being a competent and responsible UAV pilot.
I have always had a lifelong interest in photography, but never really done any serious video work, and so my aim with the drone is to combine the passions of aerospace and photography/video to give myself some challenges in my retirement.


welcome to the forum ,i too purchased the Mini 3 pro when it was first released in 2022,and thanks to the most recent firmware updates ,it is starting to achieve its full potential ,combined with the improvements to the fly APP
i was like many of us who used the good old GO4 APP ,very disappointed with the lack of manual settings, that could be applied to the various functions of the drone,but over time a lot of these anomalies have been rectified
i remember when i pre ordered the original Mavic Mini with its Fly APP ,simplified was an understatement


Welcome DABroke!

So glad to hear that you’re new to drones and enjoying the challenge. That’s brilliant!