New to drones and enjoying the challenge

I’ve bought a used DJI air2S and have logged a grand total of 1.27 hours just practising, Doing figure of eights and various manoeuvres at relatively low height. It’s a different hobby to what I’m used to but very enjoyable so far.I’m looking forward to building my skills and confident. They say you can’t teach an old dog new skills, so I’m going to prove that saying is wrong.


That’s excellent to hear. Congratulations on the new drone and welcome to the hobby!

Whereabouts are you based?

Crewe, but I go to North Wales a lot so that’s
where I’ve built up my mammoth flying hours, I’m actually up to 2 hours now

Where is a good place to buy a good second hand drone ?

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I searched eBay and found what I wanted on there, good luck.

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Thank you Neil. What drone would you suggest I look for.
Thanks Neil.

Hello Seamy, I’m really not the person to advise you on the subject of what drone to get but from my very limited knowledge of drones I’m very pleased with the Dji Air 2S especially the obstacle avoidance tech that it has.
I just watched lots of reviews about the different drones on YouTube and then got the best I could afford, going down the route of buying a used one was my best option of getting more for my money. Good luck, hopefully someone more experienced will come along and point you in the right direction.
I also splashed out and got the DJI RC with the 5.5 inch screen so that I didn’t have to keep using my phone (with a duff battery and badly cracked screen) and it’s really good. If you look on the Dji website they sell their own refurbished models that are cheaper than new and a few come with the Dji rc included.

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Thanks a lot. I didn’t know about DJI having refurbished drones on their website. I feel that that will be the best place to go. Have to get a bit of extra money saved to get a more reliable drone that won’t develop a mind of it’s own and take off out to sea.
Thanks again.

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There are a lot of DJI drones on Facebook marketplace… you can sometimes find a bargain from people who buy expensive stuff and then get a bit of buyers remorse when they lose the “bug” and want to recoup some of their cash. The drawback is that it is Facebook marketplace so be careful :joy:

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I eventually got a DJI mini 3 drone. Through the attentive viewing and studying of You Tube videos I acquired enough courage to take my first flight. I now know I need a lot of practice and have an awful lot to learn. Thank all who offered advice. I am most grateful.


Excellent :slight_smile:

Did you enjoy yourself though? That’s the main thing.

welcome to the forum

I was very nervous and constant feat of loosing or wrecking the DJI 3. My vedeos and fotos reflect how much of a nervous novice I am. Still here with the drone to continue the adventure.


That’s the spirit!

Little by little you’ll gain confidence.

Have you considered doing the FPV UK CofC: Practical? Certificate of Competency: Practical - FPV UK

You might enjoy it and feel more confident as a result?

All the best


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One of the members of the old FPVUK forum once told me to stop worrying because “it doesn’t matter once you’re up there if you’re 100m, 1000m or 10000m away… the crash will still be the same, it’s still a walk with a carrier bag”

The thing is, the technology nowadays just works and there are so many safeguards it’s very difficult to have an issue. My advice would be to start flying somewhere where you literally cannot crash into anything (i.e. a field) and just get more confident with the aircraft before you start worrying about framing photographs etc around objects and things like that. Then the flying will become second nature and you won’t need to worry about it.


It is an exciting hobby. Welcome to the community.:+1: