New My Hangar and My Log book features in your FPV UK account

We’ve launched these two new features in your FPV UK account.

With My Hangar you can add each of your drones and keep track of serial number, where you got it, how much you paid for it, and its total flying hours, etc. You can mark a drone as airworthy, or grounded, destroyed, or sold. And you can choose whether to show each drone in your total hours and the total value of your collection.

With My Log book you can log each of your flights, with the location and then review them later. You can see your total hours, your total hours per aircraft, or group aircraft.

You can use My Log book whilst you’re out in the field. It will automatically populate the location from your current location, and set the from time as now, and the end time as in 20 minutes time.

Please let me know what you think, if there’s anything we’ve got wrong, and what you’d like to see added to this next.


Awesome idea Simon. Any thoughts about adding FPV drones to the drone list, where users can define custom built ones and list there own components in the build?

Hi Shane

Thanks for the feedback.

Given how long it took us to input the DJI models, and photos, I can say that inputting every drone frame and component and gizmo and gadget for home-built drones would require a lot of time. And we would need a full time employee just to keep the list up to date as new components are released.

We would also have to build functionality to allow you to remove components from your drone and replace them with new ones, as you upgrade/replace damaged bits.

What I would suggest is that we make a new manufacturer, in our list of manufacturers, called something like ‘Homebuilt’. (I’m open to suggestions on the word to use? ‘DIY’?, ‘Own Design?’, ‘Racing Drone’?, ‘Custom Design’?, ‘Custom’?).

We should accommodate model aeroplanes, etc too. Or we could have two. E.g. ‘Homebuilt’ and ‘Racing Drone’?

Each drone then has a ‘Name’ field, and a ‘Notes’ field. So once you have selected the new manufacturer (e.g. Custom) you can then input your chosen Name in the name field, and you can list your specifications in the notes field.

And when you change your motors or FC or what have you, you simply edit the Notes field.

Does that work?

Hi Simon,
I’m just looking at the DH site/app and looking to update my Hanger and flight log.
The Hanger page is blank??? What am I missing?

Hi Dave

I’ve just logged in as you, and gone to ‘My Hangar’ and it says ‘My Hangar’ and then there’s a green ‘Add aircraft’ button, and ‘Total flight time: 00:00’ and ‘Total value: £0’.

Are you seeing the same thing, or do you literally mean you get a completely blank page when clicking My Hangar within your FPV UK account?

To be clear, we’re talking about here - your FPV UK login. Not this website, - right?

Below is a screenshot of what I’m seeing.

All the best


No, It’s totally blank.

And yes, it’s on the FPVUK page.

It works on my phone so I’ll have a play with it from there.
The next problem there is that my planes are not listed…
Surely, you’ll not want to add them all???

How weird!

What browser are you using on your computer?

We have ‘Home Built’ and ‘Custom’ options, and then you can add your own value in the name field. (E.g. you could put Make: Custom, Model: Custom and then Name: WOT4).

We could add ‘Other’ too if that makes sense?

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Hi Simon.
I’m using Google Chrome.
On my phone, I also use Chrome but it does seem to work however…
When I enter details, I get an “Integrity constraints violation”
I’ve then sent you two models I have (just two for now…)
Tundra and a Victor. Is that how we do it?

Hi Dave

Thanks for this.

I logged in as you and tried adding an aircraft. It seemed to work properly for me. On a Windows PC with Edge.

What exactly did you type in/choose from the dropdowns to get that error?

If I can reproduce it, I can fix it.