New member new to drone and FPV Essex

Hi all,

New to flying drones but have lots of fun building drones and find information of systems and configuring drone.
Have a 4S Roma F5 home build.

But never found the space or a second person to spot for VLOS so lots of hours on sims and flying woops indoors.
Now just got a DJI FPV to help me get out and have a slower safer start in learning acro.

Anyone near Hornchurch want to meet up for a few hours to help would be great.


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Welcome! The DJI FPV is a really nice drone - did you buy it with goggles?

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Hi Steve,

Yes i built it as analog and i have a set of skyzone sky02x googles.

But just looking to add a starfish D1 analog module to my DJI google v2. So i can move the skyzones on.

That the plan but i am never very good at selling anything bit of a horder lol.


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welcome to the forum

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You built a DJI FPV? As analog?

Isn’t a DJI FPV an off-the-shelf DJI product?

Welcome to DroneHub Peter.

All the best


Hi Simon,

Yes the DJI FPV is in indeed a off the shelf model. Which was my lastest addition.

Before this I home build an Roma F1 V1 from a frame kit. That has an analogue FPV system in.
Sorry if I made it sound confusing.