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Hi everyone, id just like to say hello as a newbi to drone hub, ive just recently started flying drones after a few years off from flying fixed wing and helicopters most of my adult life, i must say im realy impressed with how technology has come on in just a few years. I cant believe how a drone is almost autonomous.
Looking forward to taking lots of amazing airial photos and vids.

Hi ChippyJack

Welcome to DroneHub!

Thanks for introducing yourself.

I agree completely. Modern drones are incredible. I am particularly amazed by the sub-250g drones. At the time the CAA made the 250g distinction it was really only Tiny Whoops, etc that fell below that limit.

Now a Mini 3 Pro is a full blown camera drone with 4K camera, incredible wind resistance, it is super quiet, with a robust (‘10km’) data link and 38 minutes of battery life. It’s crazy good!

I remember when we were happy to get 6 or 8 minutes out of a 2250 LiPo battery! (The battery itself weighed nearly 200g!)

Hi @SimonDale
Thanks for the welcome and i totaly agree, the sub 250s are amazing, i remember when i was flying helicopters with li-po batteries, the batteries would be heavier than the aircraft and lasted about 8 minute

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