New member hi everyone

Just joined this group ,just like to say hi to everyone and hope your making the most of this nice wether those of you her in the uk


Hi Gerry

Welcome to Drone Hub!

Agreed, it is set fair for the next few days so hopefully everyone is out flying!

All the best


welcome to Drone Hub what are you flying

Welcome! I’m stuck working - I’m sure I’ll have time the next time it’s raining though :roll_eyes::grimacing::joy::joy:

Welcome Gerry,

As a new member myself, I can say I have already found useful information in past posts and had a great welcome from other members.

Happy flying



Hi All,

New member to DroneHub, but I have been flying some years now and a member of FPVUK for 3 years now I think. Currently a sporting a Mini 3 Pro but getting the coffers out for a splash on a Mavic 3 Pro sometime this month. As the handle says, I live in from Scotland but originally a Yorkshireman (please don’t hold that against me I am told I am a decent bloke :slight_smile: ). I also do landscape photography and for that I have a Nikon Z7 II.

Looking forward to being a helpful member. Don’t know all the answers, but do know some.




Welcome to DroneHub!

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Welcome SYM!

I am a Yorkshireman who went the other direction. I have lived in Brighton for 18 years now.

I’m hoping to fly up to York to visit my family this weekend. Which is something I have always wanted to do since I got my PPL.

Very happy to see that you’re ready and willing to share your knowledge and expertise with other members. That’s exactly what we like!

All the best


Perhaps you would be interested in becoming a mentor, examiner or meetup coordinator?

Wicked finally a FPV UK forum I have been hoping we would get one. Congratulations Simon Dale on get this sorted.
I’m am Paul Robertson also go by the name Drone Pilot on Facebook…I have enjoyed this hobby for a long time now over 20 years and started with helicopter. I have a collection of helicopter and drones and I also fly fpv.
I promote the hobby and help other drone operators with anything I can from editing to where you can fly. I’m also a mentor and examiner for FPV UK and I am based in Bournemouth and Poole. Hope everyone is ok and I’m always available for some good old drone chat.:+1:

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Hi Paul

Welcome to Dronehub!

Glad to have you here.

All the best


Thank you. I’m so happy to see FPV UK has its own forum. I just hope my spelling hold better here than it did in other groups. Which did lead to a bit of confusion I must admit. I still struggle on whether I should have changed the spelling or leave it the way it was. I like to be honest even at my own cost.
Its beginning to be an interesting few years ahead with all these consultations that are coming up ahead. I was wondering if you had any insight on any of this. My worry is what they don’t put on the consultation like the c class system we were all expected which was a hidden question. Hiding behind the legacy question and they were not honest about that. Lots of people were happy that the CAA was talking to us at the time but that has turned out to be not the case because of the hidden questions. I will try to read between the lines on future consultations for sure which is a shame because I want to be able to trust them. What was your take on what happened and what do you think the future holds?
Anyway I hope all is good with you and we are all good here. Thanks for you time and congratulations on setting up this forum.:+1: