New member DJI mini 3 & air 3

Hi All just saying hello from Walsall, I got my mini 3 first a few months ago and I got the bug :laughing: so just bought an Air 3 for those times when a mini won’t cut it. I made up a spreadsheet using sections from the handbook & DJI forum: check list, risk assessment and cuts from the handbook regarding the quick guide for open and specific so it’s all in one place if anyone wants it or wants to take a look let me know. Any tips or location suggestions welcome.

Hi @Bobmeister_74

Welcome to DroneHub!

Your guide sounds great! I’d love to read it. Do you want my email address?

Hi Simon, yes please it is very much draft and only been used by me so far so would like to get a 2nd set of eyes for an opinion.

Cool. I will DM you my email address now (just in case posting it publicly gets picked up by bots and gets me loads of spam).