Mini 2 with RC-N1 controller

Hello. I have trawled the internet for answers but get more confused by opinions instead of facts.

Hope some kind person can take the time to answer these questions.

DJI Mini 2 and RC-N1 controller

  1. What is the drone or controller using - wifi? Cellular? Other?

  2. What spec is needed for phone (or tablet) – 2.4ghz or 5ghz? 4g or 5g cellular?

(I have Redmi Note 10 and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium phones and Lenovo M10 and Teclast P40 tablets – both 64 bit and 5Ghz wifi).

  1. Should phone/tablet be on Airplane mode or Do Not Disturb or neither?

  2. Would that affect maps?

  3. Do I need maps? Because drone/controller automatically selects Home Point.

  4. Should other phone in my pocket be set to Airplane mode to avoid interference?

  5. If using the Smart Controller, why is none of the above relevant?

Hi @artairdrone

I’ll do my best.

  1. Other.
  2. The connection to the controller, and thus the drone, is using a cable. A connection to the internet is also useful for updating the DJI App, retrieving maps, etc
  3. DND might be an idea, in case you get a call mid-flight. But it makes no difference other than that.
  4. DND would not affect maps, no.
  5. The DJI app will download the map for the area you’re using. This is separate to Google Maps and/or Apple Maps.
  6. I have never done this. The frequencies are quite different.
  7. Because the Smart controller has a mobile device built into it, manufactured, fully integrated and tested by the manufacturer DJI.

Brilliant. Thanks Simon.

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