Middle aged caravanner here.... Drone necessary!

Hi all! I have been flying my drone for a few months now, and it all started when I bought a touring Caravan for the Missus and I, so when we go away most months I can fly somewhere different away from all the hustle and bustle!
I am based in Crosby near Liverpool, but work away most of the time in the Surrey area where I will be for the next few months on and off.
I’m only interested in the basics at the moment, I haven’t really splashed out, so I got a Holy Stone 720G which was on offer at the time, and was quite good to start off with. I have a Mini 2 also for the travelling, and the extra features, so looking forward to flying that!
Cheers! :smiley:

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Fantastic! Welcome, welcome!

For those of you who have noticed the new ‘My Hangar’ facility in your FPV UK account (soft-launched last week), you will see that we now have Holy Stone added to the list.

Thanks John.

welcome to drone hub

Welcome to the community. Hope to get to see some good videos or pictures from your travels? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcomes. Here is a not very good shot of us with the Caravan. The weather was very blowy and severe rain on and off last weekend, but I managed a few minutes flying.

Nice! Where (roughly) was this?

Is that your Dacia Duster? What do you think of it?

I think you just posted our first member photo! Congratulations!

This is a site near Marden in Kent, where we store our caravan, plus its nice to stay here sometimes too!
They have plenty of land, so ideal for flying away from the other people staying. (Luckily we were by ourselves there as the site wasn’t officially open then).
That’s our Duster which we bought new 4 years ago and its great for space, and towing our van!

This shot shows the large field behind the seasonal pitches.