MFD AAT Crossbow. How to

Hi everyone!
I’m new here (both in the Hub and the FPV World), so bear in mind I am still getting used to every piece involved in making a setup work, and of course I apologise for the ignorance hehe.
The thing is, my setup is not going to be used on a Drone. I have bought the MFD Crossbow AAT (not the Crossbow mini) to allow an antenna on the roof of a car to follow another car on the run. To get my antenna to follow the other car I have been told I could simply use the Telefly Tiny with a GPS Module plugged into it (both from the MFD Store). At this point I have fed 9V to the Telefly Tiny and 5V to the GPS Module, but the Crossbow won’t link or show any signal of communication with the Telly Tiny. I don’t know where did I fail or if I need something else, and the info about these products is very little. Of course I need the smallest form-factor for the setup, which is why I intend to only use a GPS signal for the Antenna Tracker to work. So if anyone could help on solving this I would much appreciate it.
Thanks everyone!!