Membership card

Got the membership card today :grinning:

Was thinking of creating spreadsheet or word doc for everytime im out with the mavic3 and keeping it logged on phone or tablet for easy viewing if ever asked regarding the risk assessment, anyone else do similar? Or just print book and update as you go?

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The example FPVUK risk assessement excel template worked as a perfect base document for me as I could just add or remove any risks based on their relevance to area I plan to fly in. I have a couple of versions saved and ready to update with date and location which I save down as a PDF on the day ready to access on phone if required.


Hi Amit,

I’m new to this site, where could I locate the risk assessment template please?


You can find it under the “quicklinks” section of the members portal on once you log in. There is a blank template but there is also an example risk assessment which I found to be a good starting point to customise.

Let me know if you cant find it, I can try post a link


We could ask Simon if we can build a database for locations and risk assessments for the locations and people can start to get location data and a lot more .This also would go towards improving safety and there could give all sorts of interesting data collected towards flying safety and even the data itself could be use to prove safe practices. I’ve no idea if possible but after seeing the drone database maybe it will be possible to do something like this. I’ve built databases before but I believe this could be done automatically a bit like the hanger database but would need oversight to check it’s going ok. Maybe we could do this I do not know if their are problems that would stop us from doing something like this probably data that’s not allowed to be collected. Hopefully Simon Dale could say whether it possible to do.:+1:

We could certainly build a database of places to fly and give people the facility to make comments about why that is a good place to fly, what the parking siuation is like, whether flying is encouraged by the landowner, any risks to watch out for, etc, etc.

That is actually work in progress on our end.

A risk assesment can’t really be fully done ahead of time, becuase it depends on the situation that day. If you arrive at the flying site and there are a load of cars parked on one side, and a big group of scouts having a picnic on the other, and a crane nearby, looking at a risk assessment done by someone else at another time (when all of those things weren’t present), doesn’t fully cover it. (Although, it would cover the fixed things, like pylons, etc)

Also, it depends on exactly where you stand. A risk assesment for one set of coordinates might be completely different if you move 50 metres away.

Perhaps a ‘risk assesment wizard’ could be an idea, if people stuggle to fill in the risk assesment template? (I havent had that feedback though).

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No I do not find risk assessments a problem now but when I first started this yes totally it was a struggle. I’ve never had to do a risk assessment before.
It did not take long to realise that we do risk assessments all the time just never looked at crossing the road and other basic activities as a risk assessed that is done by us automatically beforehand.
So when I realised this it became easy. Almost to easy. I think though learning all this has show me that most people will overthink this at first. Well this was my experiences so I can only guess others may have the same problem.
I’m hoping that this will become more than just help for risk assessments as it can become so much more I believe and in ways that I can’t even consider yet this database I mean.
Like a a lake near me where it legal to fly but the club member are not nice to drone operators and will even lie saying it’s private property which it is with a public right of way all the way round with big signs saying so. They are only telling people half the story to twist things there own way. Now don’t get me wrong I know these fella had to fight hard to get the lake as a location and for some time it was “there’s to do what they want” but the law changed and we are allow there now. I have learnt to go in the afternoon so I do not see the club member just to keeps the peace but I do not like these splits in the hobby but I guess this is just a fact of life they blame drone for the apparent crackdown. Still trying to work out what they are on about it has never been better as far as I’m concerned.
Anyway ending on on positive I have flown there lots of times since and have taking my family there for picnics fishing and magnet fishing it a recreational area for the public. This is a prime drone location so seeing activities around and on the lake are quite common. Including paddle boarding and over night fishing and there is the model flying club the that is based around “water aircraft” it’s a good location.:+1:

Hi I’m new to Drone Hub but I did not get a member ship card, I would like to just say I’m an O.A.P and fly two Hubsan Drones which are X4 PRO and the H501s I do not fly every day of the week how ever it would be nice to meet up with some other Pilots from drone hub. If I fly in any park I put up two yellow sign boards which are marked CAUTION REMOTE AIRCRAFT IN OPERATION and a circle of orange mini cone’s the circle is 150m radius as I’m in a Park, but if there are too many people about then I don’t fly I am very safety conscious, and also do a risk assessment before flying I also register a flight plan with drone assist app this way you let other pilots know that a flight is planned.
My name is Malcolm.


Hi again Malcom.

The membership card in question is the FPV UK membership card. There isn’t a DroneHub membership card.

Your procedures sound very commendable.

I agree, it would be great to get some DroneHub meet ups happening. Is anyone else near Croydon?

We haven’t yet sent our mailshot to all FPV UK members. When we do, I expect we’ll get a few new members.

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