Just joined the club

Hi from Len in South Wales, a retired Pro Photographer, have been flying drones DJi for a number of years from the Inspire and through all their other models phantoms mavics and minis . Although being 82 years old my ambition is to photograph from the air every castle in Wales. There are over 450 of these and I have so far photographed about 50. Most of my photography work was for the British Army where I had the privilege of photographing Regimental Ceremonies. I just wish that these drones were around whilst I was working. Cheer All Len


Hi Len welcome to the forum ,we are already know to each other

Flipping small world, how are you omm, I am very busy at moment, the Heritage Lottery Fund have just given us a quarter million to do some more renovation work at the Great Western Colliery . So at moment I’m there most days, as you know weather in our part of world is not drone friendly at moment, but hope you are enjoying sitting and just gazing at your new drone, will meet up again hopefully soon, cheers Len

glad to hear your doing well with the Colliery project take care my friend

Welcome to DroneHub, Len.

Do you have any links to the photographs you’ve taken?


No Steve I very rarely post images, cheers Len