I am thrilled to be a member

"Hi everyone. Just like to say I am thrilled to be a member and part of this community. If it were not for the FPV UK, I would not bother with my drone, Air 2, as much. Now I have just invested in the Autel EVO 2 Dual 640T V3 thermal drone arriving this Monday. As I said, if it were not for the hard work and time invested by us UAV users and this wonderful service, including the public liability cover, many would not bother fulfilling their hobbies. I am 60 now and have a lot of time touring the UK and many times sitting in the dark overlooking the sea, wishing I had a thermal drone watching the nightlife doing its thing. One thing I would love to be involved with is Search and Rescue. Since I have learned about thermal imaging on a drone, the first drone I had was the Bebop, and then I got the Flir thermal to plug into the drone. Then they changed the firmware so I was never able to try it. Now I have this new one coming I will be looking to volunteer. So any thoughts on this would be very welcome.

Hi @Dave

Welcome to Drone Hub! Thank you for your kind words about FPV UK - I appreciate that.

Are you familiar with the Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK group?

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I have just joined the Drone SAR for Lost Dogs UK group and awaiting Admin. So thanks for the heads up. I have just paid the tax at customs so my new drone should be here soon and then I will be fully active in doing some training and then being fully active to help when needed. I do feel very confident now about doing something like this knowing you Simon have made this possible for many with a very large following. So thanks :wink:

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