How about Drone Hub?

We’re trying on logos for size.

How about this one?

Well since you ask, ok, but it does not have the look and feel of the FPVUK branding, so perhaps use the new logo in place of the target?

Do you prefer this one?


Now your talking :smile: Gives the look and feel of the community much better, well in my view anyway.

I have to say, I prefer this one too :blush:.
The other one looks a little like a work in progress, while this one looks finished, professional & mirrors the existing style & colours nicely - obviously just my opinion! :smirk:


The latter was done by me - with no graphic design skills/experience.

Whereas the former was done by a professional graphic designer, paid good money.

I’ll take that as a success and change the logo over shortly.

Thanks guys!



We still have the red icon in places though. Perhaps I’ll have a go at a DH logo to replace that.

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I much prefer the turquoise one, it fits nicely into the FPVUK branding.


There we go.

That should now appear in the small/narrow places.

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I like the second one myself.:+1: I like the FPV UK colours.:+1:

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