Hello from West Yorkshire

Hi all, I’ve just joined the forum. I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire and got a DJI Mini 3 Pro when the weather allows it. I’ve done a few test flights in my local park and am definitely hooked! Normally I’m accompanied by my observer, a bonkers wire-haired fox terrier (will work for sausage). I’m looking to fly over some of the most beautiful country in Britain and share it. See y’all later.


Hi CalderDrone

Welcome to DroneHub!

Your competent observer sounds wonderful!

Looking forward to your photos or videos.

Thanks Simon - as soon as the fog/Yorkshire Mist clears I’ll be flying again. As regards my “competent” observer, I’d have to strap an air-dried sausage to the drone which would take me over 249g. Also, I’m not convinced he’d retrieve the drone safely. We shall see…