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Hi everyone.
I recently purchased a used Mavic Air fly more combo from a friend and started flying. It is such a great hobby, I wish I had discovered it years ago. Logged around 6 hours flying, and constantly practicing my control of the aircraft.
My other hobby is photography so the Mavic series drones appeal to me , over the mini series with their better variable aperture cameras.

The intention is to buy a modern drone in the spring of 2024, but the various laws, and restrictions are confusing me.

Questions rolling around my head are:
Should i take the CAA CofC accreditation?
How do I get the article 16 cover?
Should I just buy the mini 3/4 pro and fly that instead?
Should i take the dronehub/fpv practical exam?

Ultimately I wish to be a better, more responsible pilot, and be free (within the law) to fly my drone with as many freedoms as possible.
Your thoughts, comments and suggestions would be so welcome …


Hi @Pinewood and very warm welcome to DroneHub.co.uk!

I’ll have a go at answering your questions.

You mean the CAA A2 CofC. So-called because it enables you to fly in the A2 subcategory (of the Open category).

I did this blog post and this Youtube video explaining why, in my view, recreational drone flyers don’t need an A2 CofC.

Simply join FPV UK and read the A16 OA (Article16.fpv.uk) and the FPV UK handbook (handbook.fpv.uk).

If you agree to follow the terms, you can fly under it. (You dont have to sign anything, or tick anything. By flying under the A16 OA you are agreeing to follow it’s terms and our handbook guidance, which forms part of that.)

That is a more complex question. Its really down to your preferences.

There is a lot to be said for the sub-250g drones. They can be flown pretty much anywhere, and even directly over uninvolved people. They’re also incredibly small and easy to carry. And they’re very very capable aircraft too.

I feel sure that the Mini range is DJI’s best seller at this point.

A heavier drone will probably be better in strong winds (just because of the increased mass), and as you mentioned, currently has superior camera options. Although, the Mini 4 looks pretty impressive on that front.

The FPV UK CofC Practical is a great thing to do to improve your skills and practical flying confidence. I would highly recommend it.

I hope that helps.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for taking the time to explain and guide me. Most useful !
Am i correct in saying the Mavic series can be flown with the 30 metre rule as well under article 16?

I ask as I’m currently flying the 2018 Mavic Air.
Let’s see what the mini 4 pro brings to market in tomorrow’s launch :smile:

Edit: just joined fpvuk.org

Sounds weird but it has taken away my anxiety about flying a >250g drone

You can fly any unmanned aircraft, up to 25kg, under the A16 OA and the 30m (15m on take off and landing) from uninvovled people applies.

Article16.fpv.uk is the A16 OA itself.
Fpv.uk/article16infog is our infographic explaining it as a diagram.

Welcome to FPV UK!

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Thanks Simon . Much appreciated. What a great resource you provide

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You’re very welcome!