FPV UK membership cards. What do they look like?

FPV UK membership cards are double-sided credit card sized plastic cards. They include a large FPV UK logo on the back, and a smaller one on the front. If you have a valid Flyer ID and/or Operator ID in your FPV UK account you card will also include a CAA logo, along with those IDs.

What information is included:

  • Your name
  • Membership number
  • Your achievements; CofC: Drone Law / CofC: Practical / Mentor / Examiner
  • CAA operator ID
  • CAA flyer ID
  • Insurance: £5m Public Liability
  • Membership expiry date

Membership cards cost £8.99, including post. If you have a Plastic Membership Card subscription it will renew at the same time as your Annual Membership, and we will send you a new card the following day each year.


In case you haven’t seen them, I’ll also include photos of the CAA A1&A3, A2 CofC, and GVC cards from the FPV UK store.


Hi Simon, I think the membership card is great and helps keep al key pieces of info in one place. I wonder if putting the Operational Authorisation number for Article 16 was considered (unless this changes each year which could make it tricky).

Only reason being is I noticed a parks policy recently uodated that covers a lot of detail about the open category and then states flying in the specific category is only allowed with permission (I’m guessing the CAA’s OA) for which documentation must be provided upon request. Whilst we can pull up the handbook and OA on our phone, having the number clearly marked as an operational authorisation would probably help keep the conversation short if it did occur.

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Hi Amit

Excellent point.

The authorisation number does change each year though. So most members would have the wrong authorisation number on their card if we did that.

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Hi all, I’m quite new to this and have been asked for my drone insurance policy number. I can’t seem to figure out which number that is or where to find it. Can anyone help please?

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Hi Pjanska

Welcome to DroneHub!

Your FPV UK membership number serves the same the purpose as a policy number.