FPV UK DroneHub link now working

Welcome to all our new members!

I am aware that some of you clicked the link in yesterday’s FPV UK email and got a big red error. So you joined directly on DroneHub itself.

I am pleased to report that that error is now fixed so you can go to FPV UK Membership Centre and link your FPV UK account to your DroneHub account.

Then you can proudly show off the following badges on your DroneHub account:

  1. That you’re an active FPV UK member
  2. Your list of drones from My Hangar
  3. Your total flying hours from My Log Book
  4. Your meet-up coordinator status, if you are a meet-up coordinator
  5. Your mentor status, if you are a mentor
  6. Your examiner status, if you are a mentor

Give it a try!

It shows a user not found error for me… different error to previously. Tried both my username and email.

Oh. Weird.

I tried with SimonDale and it worked.

I will investigate on your account. Standby.

Just had an email saying its linked. Thanks

I logged in as you Amit and put the username in as amit and it worked fine.

You should have received an email to confirm the link?

Perhaps you were trying to use amitlathia, which is what you had entered into your DroneHub username box on your profile previously?

It’s not linked yet.

You need to click the link in the email to approve it.

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Hello Simon - yes had the same error with the link yesterday. Suspected it may be down the number of sign-ups. Thought I’d retry again this morning and now successfully signed up!

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Now it is linked.

You have the FPV UK Member badge.

And if you add your aircraft to your My Hangar, and log your flights in My Log Book they (and total hours) will now show on your DroneHub profile.

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Welcome @leesainsbury!

I’m working on those additions to the Membership Certificate this morning.

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Already added! :slight_smile:

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Great - thanks for taking on the feedback. it may be a little wording update but it clarifies what you have insurance wise. I’ll hold off downloading it until it;s updated.

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