Flying <250g drone in the EU

Hi! Just joined here and VERY new to drone flying bu excited to get involved. Obviously, I intend to do a lot of practising in the UK first, but am visiting Italy, Crete, and Spain over the summer and wondered if anyone has any advice about whether I need to register first. I’ve registered with the CAA here, but being now non-EU (sob) is there anything else I need to do before taking my DJI Mini 4 Pro (so under 250g) drone to these countries? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi @ycatttt Welcome to DroneHub.

Yes, you need to register in a European company and display your Operator ID on your drone.

This thread explains how to do this on Alpha Tango - the French system. It is free of charge. Operator vs Flyer in Europe - General - Drone Hub

Thanks Simon. I’ve followed your instructions and have created an account on Alpha Tango. I’m now seeing this option (photo)

I clicked on the Register to Open Category one, and it says approx 4 hours of training. The other options seem to be only in French, which I don’t speak. Have a gone wrong somewhere? Really appreciate your help.

It is a while since I did it. But I have a vague memory that you can skip past all the training and just do the Flyer ID test.

However, since you’re flying a sub-250g drone, you dont really need to.

I just completed the Register to Open Gategory - the 40 questions, but can’t see what to do next to complete things. Also can’t see anywhere to get the operational ID. This all seems to be for the flyer ID

Registering is the part i highlighted in post 33: Operator vs Flyer in Europe - #33 by SimonDale

Yay…I think I managed it! Thanks for your help Simon. My only concern is that France won’t be the first place I’ll fly my drone in the EU, it will most likely be Spain. Has anyone experienced any problems with this?