Examiner and mentor in Northern Ireland

Do we have any members in Northern Ireland who would be up for becoming a mentor and examiner?

We don’t presently have anyone active it seems, and we have a candidate who would really like to take his practical test.

You don’t need any specific qualification to do this. If you are able to watch someone perform the manouevres in the course guidance, and confirm they did them correctly to us, then you can be an examiner.

Thank you!

The same applies to examiners and mentors in other areas by the way. We’re always keen to hear from new willing people.

We’re actually just about to launch the new mentor and examiner map. This will appear in your FPV UK account, replacing the one on our website. This will give you a lot more functionality, and make it a zillion times easier for us to approve you as an examiner and set up your profile (which is a real long winded and painful process on the old web site system).

All the best