Drone waterproofing

Saw a video on YouTube of a pro3minidrone being poured over with a watering can. I believe though drones are not water tight .

Did it work afterwards?

Yes it worked, but I have been advised not to fly when raining unless fitting a waterproof jacket for the drone.

I would agree.

I would suggest that the person in the video either had applied some kind of hydrophobic coating on the drone’s PCBs and body, or they were happy to destroy the drone for YouTube views.

Unless otherwise stated (i.e. with an IP rating), drones (and other electronics) are not water resistant.

Thank you ,I did some research and drones are not waterproof.

Waterproof and water resistant drones do exist.

E.g. Waterproof Splash Drone 4 UK Stock & Support – SwellPro-UK and the DJI M30T which is IP55 rated. (Specs - Matrice 30 Series - DJI Enterprise)

But obviously those are marketed as such.

I have only recently bought a drone so still learning all about how they work. Really enjoying the experience so far and great to be on this website.

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Does anybody remember this man on Facebook he knows about waterproofing drones but I do not see much from him now. I hope this link works.
I have seen him fly his drones in water lots of times