DJI AVATA 2 FPV DRONE - New DJI Drone coming on 11th April at 2pm (BST)

I see DJI is teasing a new drone coming out on 11th April at 2pm.

I wonder what it could be?!

The Avata 2 has been launched:

I’ve had one to play with for a few days and it’s epic!

My ‘first thoughts’ YouTube video is uploading now. Link to follow shortly!

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I rushed to get it at launch, but I cancelled the original order a few hours later and reordered using the DJI store after receiving the FPFUK email. Can’t wait to use it! Thank you for the discount :+1:

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Hi Simon i watched your YT video a few minutes ago ,and while i do find the new Avata 2 interesting ,for me it would not really be a viable drone ,mainly because in order to fly it, i would have to have a spotter with me ,and unfortunately i am the only family member who has an interest in drones ,and mainly fly my current drones alone for the majority of the time

Hi @oldmanmavic

That is a very good point. And totally fair enough.

I have flown the Avata 2 indoors now, and it is so manouverable you can happily hoon it around your house.

I appreciate that’s not actually sustainable with other family members around. But at least the CAA rules dont apply indoors!

Outdoors, that’s FPV for you unfortunately. You can’t maintain direct visual contact with the aircraft, sufficient to monitor its flight path for the purposes of collision avoidance, whilst wearing goggles - so you need another pair of eyes. Basically to keep an eye out for full size aircraft coming your way.

It’s super good fun though!

I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun. I’m actually itching to get back out and fly it again.

Here is my video in case anyone is wondering:

i have this pre-ordered at argos, picking up Thursday (luckily payday that day!!)

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