DJI Air 3 looking forwards to getting it in the air

hi fellow flyers well today i bit the bullet and purchased the new Air 3
mainly for the increased flight time per battery ,and the improved performance in windy conditions, compared to the Mini 3 pro
hopefully it will mean i can get more flying days in over the year


Hi @oldmanmavic
I did the same last week and splashed out on the new air 3, iv only flown it on private land once for 40 mins with permissions of course but what an awesome drone it is, i also started with the dji mini3 pro and that is realy good to say the least


Hi guys

Really interested to hear about the Air 3 and what the main features you like are, over and above (pun intended) the Mini 3 Pro.

I admit I haven’t yet read the Air 3 specs / seen the promotional material.

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I havent been flying drones long, the mini3 pro is amazing in its self but i now have the air 3 in my hanger and it is realy firmly planted in the air in the wind in comparison and you can actualy feel the difference it has in the wind,or thats how it makes you feel anyways. The double camera gives incredible zoom in and out from wide to 3x telephoto, i cant qoute the actial tech on the camera because im not clued up on that yet but the footage looks amazing in comparison.
I just hope i can get out flying some more if the weather ever improves.
Im going on holiday to greece soon so im looking to take the mini 3 with me in the hope i get chance to fly on private land with permission, not sure how the law stands in eu with sub 250g and licences so will do a bit of research

Private land, or not, really makes no difference to the airspace above it. Whatever rules apply in that country, apply equally if you are flying over private land, or not.

For example, in the UK, you must be registered with the CAA to fly a drone which has a recording camera (unless it’s a toy), and any drone over 250g (camera or not). That applies just as much over private land, as it does anywhere else.

I believe the rules in the EU are the same as here. You must have an Operator ID for any drone with a recording camera, except a toy, and any drone (camera or not) with a mass of 250g or more.

You must also have a Flyer ID if you’re flying a drone with a mass of more than 250g.

Although they have the same format, UK Operator IDs and Flyer IDs are not valid in Europe. You have to get an Operator ID and a Flyer ID from an EU country and display the Operator ID on your drone. Some people use the Netherlands system because it is in English.

I have also heard of people regustering on the French Alpha Tango system, and the Irish system too.

If your drone is C marked that may be an advantage in terms of where you can fly it in Europe.

Our infographic shows C markings and where they can be flown, amongst other things:

Also, FPV UK membership includes public liability insurance which covers you when flying in Spain. So that part is covered!

Have a great trip!

Hi Simon ,over and above the mini 3 pro ?
well simply because it is a bigger airframe ,with more powerful motors ,it does handle higher wind speeds better in flight
it has a duel camera system ,the tele photo camera
really compensates for the fact it has to be flown in the C2 category ,with greater separation than the Mini 3 pro
it also incorporates many of the features of it bigger brothers from the Mavic 3 series ,and at i may say ,a much more palatable price point ,at this point, in my time with the Air 3, i have only got a couple of flights in ,but so far it is living up to expectations ,

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I’m thinking about upgrading my Air 2s to an Air 3 (I have a mini 3 pro as well). My reasons for doing so are the telephoto lens and the obstacle avoidance. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts about this?

@Jennyb have never owned a Air 2s, i got my Air3 , to replace my aging MPP ,
but after several weeks of ownership, i can honestly say that the Air 3 is an amazing drone, especially if you get the fly more combo and the RC 2, with the built in screen
i also own a Mini 3 pro, and they compliment each other beautifully ,and give you plenty of scope ,depending on location, and weather conditions
the Air 3 is rock solid, in quite windy conditions ,that would have the Mini 3 pro bouncing about all over the place

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Thanks @oldmanmavic thats really good to know.

Update on flying in greece.
I got my EASA op id and flyer id via irish aa, i had to creat an account via My SRS and the rest is similar to obtaining uk reg exept the eu op id last for 2 years and costs €30, also has to go on all your aircraft, the online test for flyer id is no different to uk but is called proof of online trainig,
Aremed with my new eu flyer and op ids i went to rhodes greece with mini3 pro and air3 and had a great time practicing flying and filming techniques more or less whenever and wherever i wanted, plenty of open spaces to choose from whilest traveling around and never had any problems from people or authority, everyone i spoke to was very positive about drones and i had no problems gaining permission when on private land, i came home happy that i was able to fly every day
and really built my confidence, the great weather also helps alot lol,



That’s great to hear.

Sounds like a brilliant trip.