Can I fly my air2s from my garden?

Hi everyone.
I have a simple-ish query which I’ve spent ages trying to find an answer to but have got so much clashing advice and now have no idea what I can or cant do in my situation.

I used to fly a mini 2se which was sub 250 but recently sold it as wanted to upgrade. I decided on the air 2s (~600g). Before purchasing though I just wanted to
make sure that I can still take off from my garden and fly over residential areas/town with it if I am flying under article 16 or with A2 cofc. At first I thought I could if I kept a 30m bubble around the drone with no uninvolved persons in (I would be flying higher than that anyway) but then was told I couldn’t fly the air2s over residential areas with uninvolved persons under any circumstance.

Could anyone help clarify? thanks in advance, Ilias.

The Article 16 Operational Authorisation cannot be used in a built-up area.

Ok sounds good.

What about if I am flying with A2 cofc qualifications instead? Or can I just not fly a drone over 250g over residential areas at all no matter what.

Our infographic may be helpful:

This is also in, and explained in, our handbook:

Ok thanks, I’ll have a read.

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