Bournemouth Air show 2023

Good news well I believe it is 2 drones investigated and only one of them broke the law at Bournemouth Air show 2023 and is under further investigation for possible more offences so why is this good I hear… because last year we had 9 drones investigated by police. So does this mean that people are more aware or just luck. I’m going for the first answer. People are more aware. What do others think?

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Good point!

Interesting to see the trend.

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What do they use to “investigate” the drones? Aeroscope?

That what I have seen by photos yes it was aeroscope. I did not know they was on the beach I would have asked if I come have a chat and a nosy.:+1:

Presumably Aeroscope can only detect the information from DJI drones (since they’re tethered to a phone / app etc) in order to get the pilot details?

So what if someone was to fly, say, a TBS Discovery with an old school flight controller…

Seems like an advert to NOT use DJI products if you’re going to do anything nefarious.